Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We're DTC!!! September 19, 2006

Wow! We made it. We are DTC this Friday. God has blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined. We had hoped that we would make DTC on 9/15/06. We were very disappointed when our dossier (pictured at left in it's entirety) was completed and the funds were not there to send it in. Devastated does not quite cover my feelings. We were so delighted though when last week God saw fit to provide for us a miracle. Nothing short of the hand of God could possibly have made DTC this week possible. We are beyond excited. We have now reached that wonderful though difficult point of waiting on our travel approval. Once the CCAA gets our dossier (9/25) they will begin the log in process. It could be a few days or a few weeks before we have a log in date. Once we have a log in date our agency will petition, based on Mackenzie's medical needs, for an expedited TA, 30-90 days. Please join us as we pray for that TA to come in the 30 day time frame. Once we receive that TA we will travel in the next 2-4 weeks after that. It is hard to believe that we have reached this point. WE COULD BE IN CHINA IN 8-9 WEEKS!!! My mother's heart and arms ache to hold our precious daughter even more now than ever. We are so close and yet still 1/2 a world away. Kenzie, my precious girl, I think of you many times, every day. I wonder what you are doing at a given time and if you know yet that you have a family. Right now it is almost 11am tomorrow for you (it's almost 10pm here in Kansas). Are you getting ready for lunch? What did you play with this morning? Was it the blocks and the little stuffed animal from your pictures? Is your hair in pigtails or down with the waves tucked behind your ears? The day is coming soon little one when we will finally be with you and I cannot even begin to express what that day will mean to me. This process has been one of much learning. God has used this to teach me patience, humility, trust, and love in a way that nothing else could. Beautiful daughter, as you continue to go about your days, I pray that God would begin speaking to your heart about us. I pray that your dreams will be filled with visions of Mommy, Daddy and a big brother and that the faces will be ours. You are in our prayers EVERY morning and EVERY night. Mackenzie - we love you so very much! We are praying for a super fast travel approval so that we can be with you in record time. While we wait we are praying for you. We pray that the Lord would watch over and keep you safe and that his hands would hold your heart and keep everything working and strong so that you will be ready for your surgery. We are praying protection for your lungs and pulmonary arteries that they would stay healthy and not overstressed. We love you so very much dear daughter and we will be there in Hangzhou as soon as we possibly can! Good night princess. Mommy ~T

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