Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 5, 2006

Oh Kenzie! Words cannot describe what a joyful day today has become. We received our completed dossier back today from the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. We are too late to make the packet going to China this Friday 9-8-06 but sweet girl that paperwork will be on its way to China next Friday 9-15-06. What a wonderful day that will be. Daddy will be home for the weekend from North Carolina and our dossier will be headed to China. Oh my precious daughter, my heart has been aching for you. I have missed so much of your life already and it is so very hard to wait and continue to miss even more. I ache to hold you and tell you that everything is going to be alright and that soon the doctors will make you feel so much better. I want so very much to brush back your bangs, kiss your forehead and let you know that you will never be alone again. Mackenzie, you have so very many people praying for your health and safety until we are able to come and get you and we are praying that the time will be early November. Princess - the part of this process over which Mommy and Daddy have some control is now over. Now we have to wait for the CCAA to review our dossier and issue the coveted travel approval. Daughter, you do not yet know this God to whom we pray and who has ordained your placement in our family but it is my hope and prayer that you will. God has blessed us beyond belief already by giving us the honor of loving you and raising you. We give him all of the thanks for the blessings yet to come.Kenzie - there are no words to express how much I long to have you home and in my arms. I love you so much dear one! Mommy

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