Tuesday, September 04, 2007

March 2007 Update

It has been 3 months since we returned home with MacKenzie and we are continually amazed at the ease of the transition for all of us. It has been seamless for the most part. We continue to be blessed by Kenzie's addition to our family.March saw a visit to the Topeka St. Patty's Day Parade which the kids both enjoyed. We also had Nate's Spring Break and enjoyed lots of time with our dear friends the Workmans.From a health stand point Kenzie continues to do extremely well. We are looking forward to the appointments in April when the doctor will begin weaning her off of the heart medicine. That will help us to know how well her heart is really doing. From her activity level and energy we are pretty sure everything is going well. :o) She loves so much to sing and dance and jump around. She has learned how to jump off of the bottom step and is working on running. It is so much fun to watch and celebrate with her these "firsts" that we thought we had missed.Nate and Kenzie both are beginning to realize that the "honeymoon" is over. They are acting more and more like siblings. They pick on one another and argue some - they play well together too. While the picking and fussing gets frustrating at times it is a wonderful sign that all is progressing well getting back to whatever is "normal". We longed for another child for so long and were concerned that Nate would be too much older to enjoy a sibling relationship but God in his great plans knew that our daughter would be a perfect age for Nate to enjoy and relate to. When I think about it even the fussing and picking is a blessing.Next year for school Nate will enter 3rd grade and more likely than not Kenzie will start Kindergarten. We will see how it goes this summer. As we continue to adjust to life as a family of 4 we are excited to see where the next stage takes us.Just wanted to say quick hello and give you an update. There are a bunch of new pictures posted below. Have a wonderful weekend!Glen, Tammy, Nate & KenziePS: If you can't copy a picture off of this page you can visit our Yahoo! group by clicking this button and get the pictures from there. ~T

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