Tuesday, September 04, 2007

October30, 2006

Well Kenzie - it is the morning of Halloween (at least in China where you are) and you are probably at school right now. Daddy and your big brother carved pumpkins tonight. They had a lot of fun and your brother is looking forward to tomorrow night when we will go to the trunk-or-treat at our church. There will be lots of cars with their trunks decorated and full of candy. There will be carnival games and lots of yommy food too. Once we are all good and cold and full of candy we will end the night with a fun concert. Nate is really excited for tomorrow night as are Mommy and Daddy.You don't know it yet sweetie, but Mommy and Daddy are planning to come and get you in just 17 days. We have been told to plan on traveling to China on 11/16. Mommy and Daddy are praying it happens that way. We are so ready to come and get you. We are missing you so very much every day. I find myself at many times every day wondering what you are doing at that given moment. In those times I do the one thing I can for you right now. I pray. I pray you are healthy and that your heart is doing well. We have been blessed to get some information from your doctor which put Mommy's heart a little more at ease. I just want to bring you home and get your heart fixed.Oh, little one, we have your suitcases packed and most of what we need for our trip has been purchased and is sitting in bags just waiting to be put in our suitcases. Sweetheart, we are checking into options for a care package. We want for you to get some pictures of us and to have a few days anyway to begin processing the idea of a mommy and daddy. We love you so much and cannot wait for November 20 which is the day we hope we will get to see you in person for the first time and give you the hugs and kisses we have been saving up for you.There are so very many of our family and friends praying that we would get our TA in time to depart with the 11/16 group. We are greatful for all of their prayers and support. These same people are so eager to meet you too. As we approach these holidays it is hard to believe that only 11 months ago we began this journey and now we are only weeks (maybe even days) from holding you. We are almost finished with your room too. It is coming together just as I envisioned it. I am so excited. It will be the perfect place for you to stand in front of a mirror and twiirl around in your pretty new dresses. I cannot wait to see your beautiful smile every day. We love you sweet heart and we truly are coming soon! Many prayers, hugs and kisses are being sent your way. WE LOVE YOU!! Mommy ~T

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