Tuesday, September 04, 2007

July 26, 2006

Hello! Hello!Well, we are nearing the 4 week mark from when we sent in our LOI for our beautiful Kenzie. We are hoping that we will get that all important (at least to us) PA early next week . . . we will see. We have been so blessed of late and received so many confirmations that we are on the right track for our family. As much as we wanted to have Kenzie's surgery here in KC we have been unable to get any response from the KC facility. We have decided that we will be going to Boston. Today after talking at length with our insurance company we found out that not only do we have a great medical plan - but we have an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, UNBEATABLE, OUTSTANDING, medical plan. We are not required to get a referral and our out of pocket maximum for a given calendar year is a very doable amount for us. We are also ok to go out of network - so Boston will not be a problem. That is an answer to prayer big time.We talked with doctors at both Boston and Vanderbilt - and we have received so much assistance from the doctor in MA and we just really feel like Boston is the best choice for us. We were concerned about the insurance and to hear today that we can go where ever we want and the out of pocket is the same - well I cannot express what a relief that is to us. We are sending off all of our documents (except the all important immigration paperwork - which we don't have yet) for certification at the US State Department tomorrow. We should have them back by the end of next week and will be able to send them all off to the Chinese Embassy for Authentication. It is so exciting to see how God has orchestrated each and every detail of this adoption process so far. We are looking forward to being another step closer to travelling to pick up our beautiful little girl. Please be in prayer that the financials and the documents all come together so that we can travel to China to get our sweetie in early November. Our hope is that our little princes will be home and recovered from her open heart surgery before Christmas. That would mean the world to us. Beautiful daughter - your Mommy and Daddy and big brother are plodding through paperwork as quickly as possible. We are hoping that within the next couple of weeks we will get our PA and be able to contact you with pictures and a letter. Eclipsed only by the moment they place you in our arms, the moment we are most looking forward to is the one when we can tell you that you are no longer alone. You will be forever part of a family that loves you - the Howard family. Sweet girl we are coming and we love you!!

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