Tuesday, September 04, 2007

August 15, 2006

What a day!! I am so over the top excited to have received our PA. By issuing the PA China has said that yes we can pursue the adoption of Wang Cong. I cannot adequately describe the emotions that have come with the PA. (PA is pre-approval) We have done so much paperwork over the last several months and now the reality has set in. We have been looking at our Kenzie's pictures for several weeks now and until today it all still felt a bit surreal. Kind of like I was watching from afar. Now though an official document from the Chinese government is on it's way giving us permission not only to adopt a child from China, but to adopt a specific child from China. Wang Cong (pronounced chong) now has a family (that's us)! We have been so blessed. Yes we are going to make a difference in her life. I can only imagine the blessing that she will be to our family. Oh precious daughter - the day cannot come soon enough when we can wrap our arms around you and tell you that you are no longer an orphan. You are our daughter. Sweet girl - there is half a world separating us, but you have become an essential part of our family's heart already. Your Daddy and I along with your big brother Nate are counting down the days until we can be united with you in person. Soon we will send you a package with some pictures of us so that you can begin to get familiar with our faces. It is our hope that the pictures will help us to be less scary to you when that beautiful day comes and we meet face to face. Dear daughter - there are so very many people praying for you. Our church family has been praying for your health and for a speedy process. Soon you will feel the love not only of our family but of your new church family. Daddy and I have been humbled to know how many people have taken to heart our process of bringing you home - where you belong. We are coming princess. We are going to be there soon. We love you so much! ~T

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