Tuesday, September 04, 2007

October 16, 2006

Hello! What an exciting week we have had. It started off with Nate's play at school. Nate was a penguin in Noah's Ark (as told by Noah's wife). It was very cute. There are pictures on his webpage. The biggest event this week though was Nate's baptism on Sunday! What a celebration it was. He shared his testimony and then was baptised by the children's pastor, Pastor Brian. It was awesome! Nate did so well, we were very excited for him.It has been quite a while since there was a journal entry and I wish there was some fantastic news to report regarding our travel approval, but there is not. We are still waiting. We are only 3 weeks into our wait, so I need to be patient, as the days go on it does get harder and harder though. I look at the pictures of our sweet girl and I want so much to hold her. I want to see her smile and hear her laugh. We are all struggling with the wait. Even Nate has begun to ask more and more how soon his sissy is coming home.As hard as it is to wait we are trusting that God's timing is perfect. He has worked miracles to bring her to us and to get us this far this quickly, we are confident in His timing for our trip. We are praying that we will be able to go with the November 23 travel group from our agency. We will keep everyone posted.Oh Kenzie, we are coming. Very soon we will be there. I wish so much that you could have been here to see your big brother be baptised. I am so excited for the day when you are finally home with us! We have started your room. It is coming together nicely. It will be a room fit for a princess. A specific princess - YOU!!We are missing you so much and feeling your absence so keenly. Soon sweetie, soon! WE LOVE YOU!!

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